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RING Professional

RING Professional

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Tech Specs

The Roll-Line “RING Professional” RHYTHM, Dance, Recreation or Figure and Loop Skate Frame is exclusively available WorldWide from Skates U.S. and represents the culmination of a great deal of research in Skate Frame Technology both on the part of David Ripp of and Roll-Line of Italy.
The Roll-Line “RING Professional” is the finest NTS (No Toe Stop) Extreme Action Skate Frame available.  It is engineered to be the ideal Rhythm and Recreational NTS Skate.
The Roll-Line “RING Professional” has the BEST Extreme Deep and Controlled Edges, providing quick changes of directions and edges.
The Roll-Line “RING Professional” has many features that make it an incredible Skate:

– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” utilizes a Wider Angle Steering Mechanism to help create those wonderful deep and controlled edges.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” has an ultra-lightweight structure and is forged from a solid bar of Ergal Aluminum Alloy (the same material as the Dance, Evo, Matrix, and Energy) then completely and beautifully CNC machined. Ergal is one of the Strongest and Lightest Aluminum Alloys available and has a lower expansion coefficient and offers the best coiled-spring response.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” utilizes the Click Action adjustment system which provides optimum, accurate, articulate, and consistent Action adjustments.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” has 9 Hardness’s of Suspensions (5 in Urethane and 4 in Rubber) X (times) 2 levels, the Upper, (larger for Stability) and Lower, (smaller for Quick, Deep Edges), which can be mixed and matched to create for you a very personal Customized Skating experience.

Exploded-Frame-Skates-US-2-300x216 RING Professional

(Usually, if Mixing Suspensions, the Upper (Large) Suspension is harder, because it is carrying the weight of the Skater, and provides the edge stability, while the Lower (Small) Suspension is one or (more infrequently) two levels more flexible, providing great edges and changes.)

– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” comes from the factory in Italy with 1 (one) set of Urethane Cushions, based on expected weights, and based on the Frame Size.  Other hardness’s of Suspensions (Cushions) can be purchased separately in full or half (4 Upper or 4 Lower) sets.  You can talk with the experts at Skates U.S. for detailed ideas and information.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” features the strongest Hardened Heat Treated 7mm Steel Axles available.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” also features Adjustable Steel Pivot Pins to provide perfect stability to match the Suspensions used.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” is Italian in design and with the Light Blue Anodized Frame and materials which provides Skaters with the proper support of the skating shoe and give the most sensitive control, the greatest and absolute fastest response available from any skate, providing a sense of great stability and freedom of movement.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” is perfectly matched to the EDEA Classica (the most comfortable Skating boot available, offering freedom of movement and Control at the same time) or Flamenco for Rhythm, Dance, or Recreational Skating.  Custom Mounting is available from Skates U.S. E-Mail or call (765) 935-7477 for more information.
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” is also perfectly matched with the Roll-Line SpeedMax ABEC 9 Bearings and “ICE” Wheels (“ICE” available in 5 Durometers 88A, 90A, 92A, 95A, & 97A).
– The Roll-Line “RING Professional” is “EXCLUSIVELY” Available WorldWide from Skates U.S. and our Dealers.

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